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CityGuide Koblenz

Welcome on our presentation of the official Town Map of Koblenz.
  • You looking for a desired adress, a point of interest or a bus stop?
  • You would like to send a meeting-point to a friend marked on our city map?
  • You looking for the shortest footpath in the city center?
Then use our interactive city map, which shows addresses, points of interest and bus stops and offers many further informations about interesting objects.
  • Drawing:
    Insert graphics, draw forms and mark your personal city plan cutout.
  • Navigation:
    Let the shortest footpath connection compute itself and print yourselves the route suggestion with the city plan cutout.
Please select your preferred screen resolution then push the "Start!" button.

Please make sure that the options "Java" and "Javascript" are activated in your browser setting.
CityGuide DMS carries a digital signature and a valid certificate from VeriSign. Therefore it is possible to save drawings and route suggestions and to use the extended print function by CityGuide. In case your browser has only the Java 1.1-Virtual Machine installed, drawing and route computing is possible but cannot be saved and printing is reduced of limited browsers function.

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